Wall types, functions and optics

In common terms, the upper end of a stone wall is also referred to as a wall cover or masonry crown. It can be put on, but it does not have to be. For high property enclosures, the upper wall edge is often provided with a Übersteigschutz.

Low stone walls can take on additional functions when they are completed. Typical examples are seats or shelves for plant troughs. These can be fixed by applying continuous plates. Smoothing through a cement layer can also be useful for leveling uneven natural stones. Bed For both protection and appearance, metal, stone, or brick roofs are popular. They can be set up as a flat crown or in pyramidal form. It is a partial cladding of the stone wall, where the wall is covered from above.

Doors with overflow protection

In the case of property walls, protection against over-climbing as a wall crown is often chosen. Since barbed wire rollers are not very attractive and have a martial effect, inconspicuous variants are more popular: Zement Cement is applied to the bricks and broken glass is inserted

A "pitched roof" made of metal makes it difficult to climb above the surface

Technical demands on the wall crown

  • In principle, any type of Finished in a mortar layer and anchored. As a base layer is recommended sealing mud. The consistency of a flowable mortar allows evenly spreading several layers before the mortar is applied.
  • How to fix the finish on the stone wall

Cement-water mortar

If necessary anchor elements


    • mortar container
    • spirit level
    • 1. Sealing slurry
    • After drying two to three layers of sealing sludge, keep the quantity ready for a final layer of sludge. Anker 2. Anchor elements
    • If you are attaching metal support or anchoring elements, mount them without any mortar. The final mud layer is enough.

3. Mortar

A layer of mortar two to three centimeters thick serves as a support for the finishing element. Sheets "stick" to the mortar bed by pressing on it.

Tips & TricksWhen attaching seat boards out of a stone wall, screw them in at least four places.

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