Glasses - make yourself out of bottles

The collection of exotic beer bottles dusty on the shelf and is somehow no longer up to date? Make glasses out of it. This is fast and hardly any tools are needed. After a short time you will have a glass that no one else owns. In our guide we will show you step by step how to make glasses yourself.

Step by step making your own glasses

    • Beer bottles
    • Cotton thread
    • Lighter gasoline
    • Dish soap
    • Fine abrasive cloth
    • Lighter
    • Scissors

1. Removing labels

Before the bottle is shortened, be sure to remove all paper. The little fire could otherwise break the bottle in the wrong place when the label catches fire. So the labels should be soaked in warm rinse water and then peeled off. You should now remove the remnants of the glue as well.

2. Adjusting the cord

The cord must be 100% cotton, otherwise it will burn too quickly or unevenly. Now, the string is placed around the bottle and knotted approximately at the level of the later cut surface. Do not cut the protruding line too short, because you have to hold the line to it at the next step.

3. Soak the cord

Put some lighter fluid into a small bowl. Here you dip the loop of the string now. Be sure to soak the cord only to the knot.

4. Shortening the bottle

The soaked string is then pulled over the bottle again and placed in the position where the bottle should be shortened. Now light the cord. The bottle is slowly rotated so that the flame meanders all around. If it breaks, you can keep the bottle under cold water and the upper part will fall off after a light knock.

5. Editing the edge

The edge must be carefully finished with a fine abrasive cloth. Make the thick edge of the bottle properly evenly round.

Tips & Tricks Always use relatively thick bottles for these glass works. With a fine thin bottle, something breaks slightly at the edge. This can happen even later, because the fine bottles are weakened too much by the breaking point. In addition, thick bottles at the break edge can be rounded off better, which is pleasant to drink.
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