Tiles for gluing: what you can stick everything on in the tile area

Clear - Tiles are stuck with tile adhesive on flat surfaces: no, not all. And besides there are other ways to stick new tiles easily. Read more here to solve the puzzle. Kle Sticking tiles - and sticking them on

First of all: not all tiles are glued. Modern click systems allow for floor tiles a glue-free and grout-free installation. This really gets everyone tiling.

All other tiles are glued in a conventional manner with flexible adhesive on firm and even surfaces. But not only there: tile on tile is a proven technology, especially in the renovation of older apartments and houses. Fl Since tile mirrors are in themselves a flat surface, you can lay very thin tiles on them in the thin bed without any problems. Overall, you can reach heights of often even less than 10 millimeters.

These very thin tiles are available in well stocked tile retailers. However, depending on the thickness of the tile, you often have to expect very high prices here.

And simply sticking on new tiles is also possible with tile stickers. These are simply plastic films that can be used to redesign old tile mirrors.


They are durable

They are durable and resilient

  • They are inexpensive
  • cover slight damage to the old tiles
  • and allow a complete recoloring or spot decorating old tile mirror.
  • Such tile stickers are available for example on foliesen.de or on wallking.de, next to many other merchants on the Internet. The prices usually start well below 20 euros per square meter of tile area.
  • How to save costs

Whenever possible, use tile stickers instead of tiling. This is always cheaper and easier.

Tips & TricksBut simply decorate your old tile mirror with a motif film, which you pull tight over the entire tile mirror and tighten. That gives an impressive look.

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