Gutters or tie-in plates are used for gutter attachment

The structural conditions on house roofs are very different and accordingly there are very different types of gutter attachment. For many gable roofs, fixed eaves are sufficient on the eaves and gutters must be mounted on other roof edges.

Types of gutter attachment

The most common type of gutter attachment is gutter bracket, also known as gutter bracket. Depending on the shape of the gutter, semi-circular or angular metal bands are used, which have a one-sided metal tab with screwed holes.

The usual metal depends in most cases on the material of the gutter. During subsequent insertion, the channel elements can be loosely in the holders or additionally fixed with screwing or soldering. Tra Trauf sheets are suitable as an almost invisible type of gutter fixing, in which gutters can be hung on one side. This type of fixing is mainly used in new buildings, with existing roofs, the bottom row of tiles must be raised in order to secure the mounting plate can.

Visibility and Stability

Depending on the size of the gutters, the attachment must carry the trough water load even when completely filled. Additional stability is provided by over-travel, which is fastened to the eaves and additionally supports the gutter edge bulge.

Downpipes are fastened with clamps, which are screwed into the house wall with the aid of dowel holes and, after screwing, completely enclose the downpipe.

In addition to the gutter mounting with gutter brackets in which the gutter is located and surrounded by the outside, there are gutter brackets that are bolted or soldered in the gutters. They are not visible from outside and below.

Price per piece without screws usual

Only completely corrosion-resistant galvanized or copper-plated metals should be used as gutter fixing. Holding devices made of plastic are only suitable for small garden sheds or pavilions and can usually carry no metal gutter.

In exclusively galvanized gutter holders in different sizes are offered. The unit price varies depending on the size between one and five euros per piece.

  • In, the gutter hooks are also offered as front board holders. They start at prices of around € 1.30 each.
  • In all DIY stores such as or gutter holders of different sizes and materials are offered. Pure copper gutters can cost up to eight euros each.
  • Tips & TricksIn most offers for gutter mounting, screws and dowels are not included. Pay attention to the likewise perfect rust-free choice of screws.
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