Advent hanging wreaths

Advent wreaths are usually placed on the table in the living room or dining room. In terms of the life of the Advent wreath that is not too cheap (in a cool environment it would stay fresh longer) but still common.

Larger Advent wreaths can be quite decoratively hanging from the ceiling. Prerequisite for this is only a sufficiently viable and suitable attachment.

Fixing the Advent Wreath on the Ceiling

Drilling holes in a concrete ceiling is anything but easy - in addition, the hook would have to be covered for the rest of the year, where no Christmas wreath is hanging there.

"Glue instead of screws" offers a fairly simple solution here. The low weight of the Advent wreath is hardly a problem here - even simple, removable strips have a load capacity of up to 2 kg per strip. 2 strips should be enough to secure a hook securely. Such strips can be replaced later without a trace. Adapter systems would also be a possibility.

Advent wreath hanging straight

On the other hand, fixing the Advent wreath on the hook often causes problems. The attachment must be very precise, so that the Advent wreath also really straight.

The attachment points must be very carefully selected and measured. It is best to hang the Christmas wreath with a drawstring on the hook.

In addition, there are two other, very elegant solutions:

a suspension system made of a steel ring and various straps

  • a device that can also be used to hang Christmas trees on the ceiling
  • The metal ring is a good solution for attaching the Advent wreath to it , If the metal ring is hanging straight, the Advent wreath will automatically do the same.

The other solution is even more clever: the "hanger" for the Christmas tree for 35 EUR is designed so that you can just put an Advent wreath on it. Fix with wire and the Advent wreath is then securely fastened.

Tips & TricksThe hanging Advent wreath can then be attached to ribbons or figures or Christmas tree decorations. This looks especially nice when the Advent wreath is hanging over a table.

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