Cravings: Body substances trigger the strong appetite!

If you want to lose weight, you know that even if the diet works for one or two days sooner or later, your appetite will be unrestrained. The cravings make many diets go away and cause frustration and "now it does not matter" attitude when losing weight. Now comes the explanation for the unrestrained appetite and cravings of the University of California USA. The researchers' study shows that cravings are not a weakness of the mind. Rather, it is an evolutionary heirloom that saved our lives in ancient times and still exists in our bodies today.

Many feel the cravings and the sometimes compulsive appetite, completely at the mercy. A new study from the University of California shows: Endocannabinoids in the body stimulate the body to cravings, especially on fatty and very high calorie foods. These endogenous substances, the endocannabinoids, are produced in the human gut. After the release of the endocannabinoids, the effect of the cannabis drug is known to the researchers. The body's own drug causes appetite and cravings, which one formally overpowered. In cannabis cravings are a well-known and common side effect of intoxication.

The body's own substances are to blame for cravings

The researchers explain the formation of these cannabinoid substances with evolutionary development. For animals and us as primitive man it was vital to eat calories and fats. To survive we needed a lot of it, because the consumption of calories was immensely higher.

Today, eating fatty foods is no longer vital and, on the contrary, is more likely to cause ill health. The body's own drug from prehistoric times is a rather unfavorable heirloom of our ancestors. They were dependent on fats of all kinds and fat was then also not available in excess. The research team around Daniele Piomelli tested the release of the substance to rats. Already at the taste of oil (by licking an oil emulsion), the rats spilled out the food cravings. In humans should now be explored what can block the cravings cause. The idea is, for example, a sensor that blocks the food cravings of obese people already in the gut - a kind of appetite blocker.

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