House itself wall - is that snnvoll?

House building is a very expensive affair. Often comes up with the idea that you could also wall your own house. Whether this is possible in principle, which restrictions apply here, and what kits are, you will learn in detail in this post.

Own contribution

Own contribution can help to save a lot of money when building a house. How much can be easily measured by cutting the labor costs of an offer. However, you have to turn 20 to 25% on the building material - these are the usual additional costs that arise when you buy construction material yourself.

In terms of time you should not lean too far out of the window with your own contribution. Specialist craftsmen usually work very fast and efficiently. As a layman you need fast twice or even three times, especially if you do something for the first time.

1,000 self-service hours equals about 25 hours a week for a one-year construction period - ie an additional (physically demanding) part-time job. Whether one can and wants to do that, everyone has to decide for themselves.


Any damage caused by a company must also be covered by it. This also applies to resulting consequential damage, over several years. On the other hand, if you work on your own, you also have to pay for the damage yourself - and for all possible consequential damage.

Walling properly

Masons are not for nothing a profession. Building a wall - for example made of brick - requires a high level of expertise, skill and knowledge. Walls is not as easy as it looks. Improper walls can then subsequently threaten the entire statics of the building.

Depending on the building material, the work with less specialized knowledge or a profound technical training is also easier to learn. This applies, for example, to the walling of lightweight building blocks (Ytong). You should never underestimate these fundamental works.

Kit houses

Kit houses are designed in such a way that they can still be built reasonably well even as non-builders. With kit houses a high own performance is planned from the beginning, thus one saves costs. Some difficult work is then taken over by the respective specialist trades.


  • Cost-effective construction with high own performance
  • Comparatively wide range of house building kits
  • Some even individual customization options (design)


  • Basic and solid craftsmanship skills are required
  • The kit deliveries must be planned very carefully, which requires experience and organizational skills
  • Warranty obligations often little clarified
Tips & TricksInteresting for all those who think of ecological and sustainable building, or would like to have a "natural house", are also the numerous wooden house kits. The construction of a wooden house is overall also much less complicated than in a solid house.
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