House with basement increases the value of housing

Roughly a quarter of all building owners in Germany forego a basement for cost reasons. However, this costs a lot of storage space and living space in the above-ground floors. In addition, the resale value drops and in extreme cases, the house is later unsaleable.

Direct and indirect space gain

For a house with a cellar, not only the directly available space in the basement is an important argument. To be considered are the facilities, which are indispensable in the house and without cellar further normal living space restrict. In addition to the heating system, the laundry room is the typical example. In addition, for the storage of any items from food on Christmas decorations to tools alternatives must be found.

Architects and construction experts assess the cost-benefit ratio according to costs and space gain. For ten to 15 percent higher construction costs, the house gains directly and indirectly between thirty to forty percent additional space. Depending on the basement, the house can grow with a family. Developing a home for a teenage child is a common benefit.

Utilization options

In addition to storage and storage space, a house with a basement can be given different usage extensions through installation and set-up.

  • A sauna with or without a bath, a cold shower or a cooling pool.
  • A hobby or craft cellar or a home workshop.
  • A gym with large equipment such as punching bag, exercise bike or weight bench.
  • Guest rooms with or without private bathroom.
  • Food and wine cellar for proper storage.
  • Bicycle storage with repair equipment such as balancing and spare parts warehouse.
  • Study for undisturbed work.
  • rehearsal room or music studio with sufficient sound insulation.
Tips & TricksWhen you have decided on a house with a basement, take into account the room height in your planning. The construction in the minimum required 2.40 meters room height plus insulation costs only slightly more. So later, the conversion of cellar to living space is possible at any time.
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