Household insurance: What is insured?

When it comes to private wealth accumulation, it is extremely important to think about how to secure your existing assets. Saving without protection is like building a house without a foundation. If even the smallest loss events can jeopardize the assets saved and worked up to date, sufficient protection should first be provided here - only then can one initiate asset accumulation with savings contracts. One of the most important insurance in this context is the so-called home contents insurance.

What is insured in a household contents insurance?

The question of which items are insured in a household insurance can best be answered with a somewhat plastic comparison: When you take the roof of a house and turn it upside down, then many things fall out - and everything that falls out counts household items.

Household contents insurance generally covers loss events caused by the following damage scenarios:

  • fire
  • lightning
  • burglary
  • robbery
  • vandalism after burglary
  • explosion and deflagration
  • tap water
  • storm and hail

In addition, damage can also be insured as an option caused by the so-called "further natural hazards". These additional elementary hazards include e.g. Floods, snow pressure, avalanches, backwater, earthquakes, earth fall, Erdrusch and volcanic eruptions. Whether the inclusion of this coverage extension makes sense or not can only be clarified on the basis of the individual situation of the policyholder and his property.

How is the premium calculated?

The premium of a household insurance today is calculated according to the so-called living space model. Usually, an indication of the square footage of the apartment or house (living space without consideration of the ceiling height) is used to calculate an insured sum, which is then multiplied by a different premium factor depending on the location of the apartment.

For some insurers, however, there are not just one but several household insurance rates. Each of these tariffs has different performance priorities and there are also luxury and starter rates. In order to get a good overview here, you should always resort to a household contents insurance-Tarifcheck, since a comparison by hand with all the tariff variety will hardly succeed. With a household tariff check but can dozens of tariffs within a few seconds compare very closely.

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