How best to transport a refrigerator: standing or lying?

The refrigerator owner does not always enjoy being able to have his appliance transported by a specialist company. When moving or buying a new one, one often needs one's own work, but one can also do some things wrong. Good advice is not expensive here: We will explain all the details for the proper transport of the refrigerator and the subsequent often required rest period for the device.

In brief: How to keep the fridge safe during transport

One thing is clear: refrigerators are designed for upright storage, and the technology is designed to stand upright. The compressor is filled with oil that can run into the cooling circuit when the unit is level. Am It is best to carry your fridge in pairs, with as little impact as possible. In the vehicle, he should, if possible, well secured. However, most cars are not high enough for this, so a prone to transport is needed.

Of course, you can also transport your fridge in a lying position, on the side. But when you arrive at your destination, you should leave your device for 24 hours before starting up, so that the oil settles again.

How to prepare your refrigerator

Prepare the fridge transport thoroughly at least a few hours before the actual start, preferably the day before. For this you clear the device completely, including all shelves, door elements and vegetable compartments. T Then defrost the refrigerator thoroughly so that no water escapes during transport. Here are some tips for effective ice removal and safe transport:



Empty the refrigerator completelyWater can flow freely
Lay out absorbent clothsWater is bound
Use bowls and baking trayGreater amounts of water are collected
Cautiously stir in iceThis speeds up the process Defrosting
Put the pot with hot water in the applianceIce thaws faster
Remove thawed ice with a wooden or plastic scraperDefrosting is done faster
After defrosting Clean the fridgeDirt and germs are removed
Finally, dry everything carefullyMold growth is avoided
Secure the refrigerator door with adhesive tapeAvoid damage
Fix the power cable with adhesive tapeEliminate the tripping hazard
Secure the refrigerator back well paddingSensitive technology is protected
The clean and empty refrigerator can now be safely used move to the new location. The glass elements are better transported separately, wrapped in bubble wrap or cloths. Any food that has not yet been consumed will be put in the cooler. Am The refrigerator itself is best secured with ropes or straps during transport in the vehicle. So he can not tilt and does not fly in the event of an accident on the road.After transport: First wait, then switch on!

We recommend that you always leave the fridge with a little time after transport until it is ready for use again. Check the operating instructions for your device to find out the exact service life:

Some refrigerators require only 4 hours of rest after transporting them before they can be put back into service. Other devices, in turn, must stand still for the aforementioned 24 hours, until the oil settles in the compressor.

Also the jerking and the movement during standing transport can carry some oil out of the compressor, so be careful and do not switch the fridge on immediately, so it does not break.

Free delivery

When you buy a new device, it is best to inquire about the delivery conditions. Often new devices are even brought to the customers for free or for a small fee to the customers. Experts will also tell you if your refrigerator will need a lifetime afterwards.

Another big advantage of transportation by professionals is that many companies take the old equipment with them immediately to dispose of it. This saves you time and work! However, you should also clarify this in advance with the appropriate company.

Tips & TricksWhen you book a delivery by a specialist company, ask in advance whether the device is brought to the front door or in the kitchen. For door to door delivery you need a second person for further transport to the apartment!

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