How can I disinfect my sofa best?

You may have bought an old, slightly grubby sofa that you want to refurbish and disinfect at the same time. Or your own couch once again needs to be sterilized thoroughly, after years not only you, but also dog and cat have been lying on it. No matter for what reason you want to disinfect your sofa: We say how it works! Des Disinfecting the sofa with hygiene spray

Cleaning is done before disinfecting, because most of the germs form in the dirt on the cover. Vacuum the surface well and, if necessary, clean it with warm, distilled water. As a rule, glass cleaner also helps with microfiber.

Then you reach for the hygiene spray for upholstery and carpets. First try the substance in a hidden place to make sure it does not cause discoloration or other damage. Then proceed as follows: kräft Shake the hygiene spray vigorously

apply evenly to the entire fabric

  • let it soak in for about 15 minutes
  • possibly ventilate the room so that it dries more thoroughly
  • finally: use the disinfected sofa with a good feeling
  • Not all Spray works exactly the same way, we recommend that you first have a look at the attached instructions for use. If this differs from our instructions, then you are best guided by the guidelines for your product.
  • The second variant: disinfecting the sofa with steam

If you have a steam cleaner with a padded top, you can also use this tool to disinfect your sofa. However, please let us know beforehand whether the fabric and upholstery of your couch can withstand the resulting high temperatures!

Also, use distilled water in the steam cleaner to leave no ugly marks on the pads. Most germs do not like heat, but steam cleaning is usually not as effective as treatment with an effective hygiene spray.

Tips & TricksThe hot steam cleaning also kills mites in the sofa! Therefore, the heat treatment is especially recommended in households with pets very. At the same time remove stubborn, water-soluble stains.

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