How can I dispose of my sofa?

After many years of daily use, every sofa will eventually give up. The feathers run out, the upholstery gets dents, the covers stains and holes. Of course, some of it can be fixed with some skill and good will, but is it worth it? Some old sofa is simply on the trash to make room for a chic, new seating. Ents Dispose of a sofa in bulky waste: These variants are possible

A relatively simple way to dispose of an old couch is to put the furniture on the bulky waste. However, this does not work the same in every location, so we recommend that you inquire at the local authority about the system:

In your community, you may regularly drive around on bulky garbage dump trucks and collect everything that people put on bulky goods Street. You may also have to request a pick-up from the city administration.

Ordered and not ordered pickups are usually free, at least up to a certain cubic meter. If you use the pick-up service more often, you will eventually have to pay. So better to inquire exactly what your conditions are!

What option is there to dispose of a sofa in a timely manner? Sometimes the time is too high and the couch in question should leave the apartment as quickly as possible. After all, there is usually not enough room for an old and new sofa at the same time!

If the bulky waste collection comes in a few weeks, you can fall back on an alternative: the local recycling center. However, in this case you need a transport for your old sofa, a trailer, a bulli or a light truck.

Simply hand in the furniture during opening hours, you do not need to make an appointment for it. However, you should expect in this case, that a fee is incurred, which usually settles between 5 and 10 euros.

It's also different: give away instead of throwing away

Of course, not everything always has to go straight to the trash if it does not seem to be useful anymore. Some good old pieces may find a happy new owner somewhere else, at least if it does not count as a complete scrap.

You think your old sofa looks pretty good and can imagine someone else would like to take it? Then you can bring it to the man or woman in the following ways:

Set the couch on Ebay Classifieds. If you just want to get rid of the seating as quickly as possible, then you can also offer it for free pickup.

You may also come across a few Whatsapp groups of friends and acquaintances who may be interested. Just post a photo and ask.

  • Rely on traditional means and create a poster with pictures for the surrounding supermarkets.
  • In many cities, there are also second-hand markets for the socially disadvantaged, for example from Caritas, the DRC or Diakonie. Well-preserved furniture is often even picked up by the employees.
  • Tips & TricksMaybe your sofa problems are already solved with a beautiful, new sofa, which is available in many different formats and colors. Needlework friends can even easily sew themselves a throw - and the couch does not have to be disposed of anymore.
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