How can I thicken a wall paint that is too fluid?

For a high-quality painting, you need a wall paint with good consistency, which does not drip too much and forms a sufficiently thick coating. However, some paints are too fluid to paint properly, either because they are of low quality or because the dilution has failed. Is there a way to re-paint the wall paint?

Emulsion paint is too fluid - how do I get it thicker? Dispers In the case of emulsion paints, a gradual phase separation takes place over a longer service life, the liquid floats on top and the solids sink. Sometimes it helps to stir the wall paint properly from bottom to top to thicken it.

If stirring does not help, the color is actually too thin. Some do-it-yourselfers recommend adding red tape, chalk, or talc to the paint for a thicker consistency. However, it should be noted that such additives can negatively alter the properties of the wall paint:

The thickened wall paint may no longer bond completely, because it has too little binder in comparison to the fillers contained.

  • The paint could become too hard even after painting and crumble away from the wall if too much gypsum or lime is present.
  • In addition, tensions can occur in the finished coating, resulting in cracks and delamination.
  • Also, the percentage of pigment decreases with the addition of fillers, so the color may not cover properly afterwards. And Thicken wall paint first to test!
  • If you nevertheless decide to thicken your wall paint with the mentioned substances, you should first take a small portion as a sample color. Add some filler and paint on a limited face-down area.

Observe the setting process and, after drying, perform a tape test to check the adhesion. To do this, you stick a painter's crepe tape firmly on and pull it off again jerkily: Does the paint on the ground?

Now you can still decide if you want to thicken the entire wall color in the same way - or not. Maybe you just buy yourself a new, higher quality product!

Tips & TricksIf there is a rather small amount of color, then perhaps there is still something to be done with the help of tinting colors. In addition to pigments and fillers, these also contain their own binders so that the setting process is not disturbed.

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