How can lime paint be removed?

An old, peeling lime paint can not be repainted again, because no color can be firmly held on top of it. Also, powder coatings with slaked lime that do not have good bonding should be better removed before repainting, unless another layer of slaked lime is traditionally planned. How can the lime paint be removed from the wall? Ab Wash the lime paint with water - is that possible?

Poorly bound slaked lime can actually be washed off to a certain extent or at least dissolved by intensive moistening so that it can be better removed by mechanical means.

Higher-quality lime paints with good bonding power, however, turn out to be extremely water-resistant. A wash-off test with a well-absorbent sponge clarifies the nature of the paint; add some dish soap or wallpaper remover to the water.

A show of strength: mechanical removal of lime paint

In many cases, there is only one solution to remove the lime paint from the wall: mechanical means must be used! A paint stripper for this color variety has not been invented yet, the lime itself is highly alkaline.

Use a sturdy spatula, a wire brush and a sander to remove the lime paint from the substrate. Prewetting binds the dust and may even help soften the coating.


InsertWire brush
Brush off loose, flaking paintFill putty
Remove stubborn spotsSanding tool ab Sand down and smooth out solid layers
High-pressure cleanerSpray loose paint layers outdoors
The removal of lime paint without residue is always a lot of work and a certain amount of work Required effort, often has to be taken still consideration for the underlying layer of plaster. That does not make things easier. Tragen Wear eye and respiratory protection!Protect yourself from damage to health during this work by wearing a dust mask and protective goggles. Gloves and work clothing that covers as much skin as possible can not hurt either.

Tips & TricksFully, it is not necessary to completely remove the firmly adhering limestone areas. Fill everything with a mineral plaster and then paint with silicate paints: This holds and looks good!

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