How can wood panels be thoroughly cleaned properly?

When cleaning surfaces, it always depends on what exactly the surface consists of and how the dirt is created. A white lacquered paneling smeared with nicotine will be cleaned by other means than a dusty oiled wooden surface. Above all, it is important not to damage the wood - but in the worst case the paint or oil layer must simply go away.

The no-go's when cleaning wood panels

Despite coating wood can not handle two things well: water and heat. If you use too much wiping water, your panels will swell, with the result that the individual boards will warp. So save when cleaning wood with moisture.

Another mistake is to use the steam cleaner. Although this dissolves dirt very quickly and thoroughly, the applied heat and moisture may cause the boards to get out of hand.

How to gently and effectively clean your wood panels

We suggest a gentle cleaning that takes into account the properties of the wood. Many soiling can be removed with a little warm water and soap or detergent, using a soft brush to finish the surface thoroughly.

Afterwards you should carefully wipe the surface dry again so that the water does not last long on the wood. Various special cleaners help against stubborn dirt, but some can not be removed.

In such cases, only one thing works: sanding and recoating. Oiled and waxed surfaces should be renewed anyway in relatively short intervals, even lacquered wood surfaces wears off over time. Einfach Just smear nicotine on wooden panels?

Nicotine is one of the hardest pollutants to remove, as often not even hard solvents help. These possibilities are again to create a clean, nicotine-free surface:

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Tips & TricksIn the worst case, remove the wood panels and beautify your ceiling in a different way. How about, for example, with a chic lacquered ceiling? Or, quite simply, with paintable woodchip?