How do you recognize woodworms?

The suspicion of woodworms may have been around for some time, but there is no real evidence yet. Are the found feedings perhaps already ancient? Then there would be no cause for concern and the costly treatment of the wood could fail. How to recognize acute woodworm infestation and distinguish it from old traces of wood-destroying insect larvae?

Look closely: Are the holes new or old?

Basically, the answer is very simple: Fresh drilled holes and feeding channels indicate an active infestation - old traces usually appear visibly "old". A fresh hole has a light hue, while an older counterpart has already turned dark.

Dust and dirt in exposed feeding channels indicate that the associated insects have been gone for a longer time. In contrast to this is bright, fresh flour that falls out while moving the wooden object.

Anyone who discovers fresh gnawing traces can be pretty sure that they have an active infestation. Gray, dirty and dusty remains indicate that the animals are long gone.

Sounds also provide information about active woodworm infestation

An active infestation can actually be identified by the associated noises. The nagging noises are quite noticeable in a quiet environment: It is useful to lay your ear on the wood for this purpose.

Treating and Treating Woodworm Problems

Woodworms are usually not released by themselves unless the wood dries up over time so that insects can no longer find enough moisture. These remedies help to solve the problem:

  • heat of over 55 degrees Celsius
  • strong, long-lasting frost
  • various wood preservatives
  • grandmother's home remedies such as boron salt and ammonia
  • watering with isopropanol and foil
  • fumigating with non-toxic vapors to displace the oxygen
Tips & TricksOften, it is also worthwhile to wait until late into the night to listen for woodworm noise. Because then there is only little ambient noise, such as street noise and the music of the neighbors, which can distract from the feeding noise.
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