How can you build a prefabricated house as a bungalow?

Modern prefabricated construction is becoming ever more creative and has long ceased to be off-the-peg building. Especially with the designs more and more is possible to fulfill your wishes. In the following article you will learn important information and the advantages and disadvantages of a prefabricated house as a bungalow.

What is a bungalow? Advantages and disadvantages of a bungalow The circumstance of mostly ground-level living offers both advantages and disadvantages. You only have to cover small distances between the rooms; Everything is easily and quickly accessible. Also, that usually no stairs are available, facilitates the living: Thus, a barrier-free design is easier than in multi-storey buildings.

However, this design also has disadvantages: The biggest one is the increased demand for land. If everything has to be accommodated on the ground floor, this is a logical consequence. In addition, the possibilities, if you want to retire for various reasons, only limited available.

The bungalow as a prefabricated house

The advantages of the bungalow, which also includes an easily realizable, individual design, have also been recognized by the manufacturers of prefabricated houses. A bungalow can be built without problems, as any other house, as a prefabricated building. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of prefabricated construction, especially the low construction time, even at the bungalow.

Do not believe, however, that a bungalow is also cheap because of its size, on the contrary: builders of modern bungalows value design and uniqueness, qualities that the prefabricated house providers attach great importance to in our time.

Individual design

Although there are also many "catalog models" of bungalows at the prefabricated house providers, however, a personal design is much more popular here. True to the motto "small but beautiful" you can fulfill your dream of the house in this way.

Although you save the costs of further floors with this type of construction, you will have to pay considerably more for the plot in order to obtain a comparable living space.


The following overview summarizes the information on the topic "Prefabricated house as a bungalow":

Bungalow is characterized by a typical, flat roof and ground level

Light, carefree living due to missing stairs

  • Ground level construction requires larger property
  • Prefab construction realizes individual Bungalows
  • Tips & TricksCompare the models of different prefab manufacturers to get as close to your ideal as possible.
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