How can you design an eco prefab house?

A topic that is becoming more and more important today is the rising energy costs, which make the maintenance of a house more and more expensive. In this article, you will learn how to design an energy-efficient prefab house to save money over time.

Particularly important: The insulation

There are also differences in the insulation materials: If you want a real "eco-house", you can opt for environmentally friendly variants here: Your prefabricated house supplier knows the various insulation materials and will certainly advise you extensively.

Energy production

An "eco-house", however, is characterized above all by progressive, energy-saving and environmentally friendly energy generation. This includes, on the one hand, electricity generation and, on the other hand, an efficient heating method, especially because of permanently increasing energy costs.

A photovoltaic system, for example, is very popular. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it can also store unneeded energy; You also get money for excessively produced energy.

There are also major differences in the heaters: modern heating systems are characterized by a large number of intelligent measures to save as much energy as possible. However, if the heating is outdated, you have to expect high costs.

The superlative: a passive house

The "most radical" way to build a sustainable eco-house is the so-called passive house: it hardly generates any energy of its own and uses, for example, the warmth of people and objects. Even in winter, the temperature is largely regulated by supply and exhaust air.

A passive house, however, is not a specific type of construction, but more a standard: if the house meets certain requirements, it may be called that. In our article about passive houses you will learn more about this interesting standard.

And the costs?

In an eco-house, it is almost always the same, whether in the prefabricated house or in more massive variants: modern, advanced heating, insulation or power generation is more expensive to purchase than older technology. But in any case, the investments pay off: Often you have the extra price "in" after a few years, with the rising energy costs all the faster.

It is therefore advisable to build a prefabricated house, which is at least a little "eco": Although conventional technology is only cheaper, but provides for expensive maintenance costs.

Tips & TricksConsult various prefab providers about the possibilities of building an efficient house. So you can compare the offers and determine your favorite.
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