How can you design a prefabricated house for several generations?

When you build a house, you are sure to remember the next generation. So that you, your children and maybe even grandchildren find enough space in the house, there are various design options. In this article, we explain how you can design your prefabricated house as a generation house.

What options are there?

No matter how you decide: With the possibilities for customization in modern prefabricated construction, you will not only find a practical, but also visually appealing variant that will satisfy your taste.

Why a generation house?

Imagine the following situation: Your children are adults, but they have no choice but to leave the house as it is only for one family. In order to prevent such a "tearing apart" of the family, you decide for a house of generations. It keeps the family together in the truest sense of the word; an advantage for everyone involved.

Tips & TricksGet advice from your prefabricated house supplier about the different possibilities of generation houses: He will give you different models and advise you on both price and design aspects. But set a clear price limit so that the costs do not get out of hand.

And even if you do not have children: Renting a living space will provide you with extra income that is practical in all circumstances. Do you need extra space? You can also make your generation house variable: use the entire living space; if it is not needed someday, just make two apartments out of it.

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