How can you design a prefabricated house with conservatory?

Are you looking for individual design options for your prefabricated house? A winter garden looks not only outwardly modern and noble, but also contributes to a noticeable improvement in living comfort. In this article, you will learn everything about conservatories in prefabricated houses.

Integrated or grown?

conservatory and prefabricated house - is that even possible?

Precisely because of the increasing popularity of the winter garden, the prefabricated house companies are also specialized in this "extra". On the one hand, you will find a conservatory in more and more "catalog models", on the other hand, today's customization options also allow installation in other models; Their ideas are realized as much as possible.

What to consider?

You should always pay attention to good thermal insulation, because a poorly insulated winter garden is an "energy killer". Even a glass roof can be a disadvantage as it leads to a rapid heating in the summer and gives off more heat in the winter to the outside world.

Good planning is mandatory in a conservatory - defects can lead to structural damage, the repair of which is very costly. You should also install a heater in a year-round conservatory, especially if it is made of glass. This can not guarantee a comfortable living environment.

The advantages of a winter garden

However, a winter garden also has a lot of advantages: the mostly open, glass design contributes to a perceived increase in living space. The improved incidence of light also ensures a pleasant living; You can also save on lighting costs.

Tips & TricksPlease ask your prefabricated house company for a subsequent construction; She knows the structure of your house best and knows how to install a conservatory.
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