How can you repair a damaged stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings are considered easy to care for and last a long time, but unfortunately sometimes mechanical damage occurs. Pressure or sharp objects tear holes in the film or the fabric, which looks extremely unpleasant. How can a properly clean, smooth surface be restored after such a disaster? We looked for solutions.

Attention, sensitive! Handle the stretch ceiling carefully

A stretch ceiling consists of a stretched film or a fabric. If you do not pay attention when cleaning or maybe even have the champagne cork pop too hard, you may be unlucky: the material breaks in at one place and gets an ugly hole.

To make sure that this does not happen at all, you should never bring sharp-edged objects close to the stretch ceiling, always be extremely careful with tall furniture, and not take out the integrated lighting on your own. Takt Even when cleaning tact is in demand: With a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner, the stretch ceiling can usually clean without much pressure. Before scrubbing stubborn stains too hard, use a special cleaner.

Repairing the stretch ceiling: barely possible without visible traces

Repairing a stretch ceiling by hand will always leave visible marks, even if they are not too blatant when working cautiously. It is better to consult with a Spanndeckenprofi in case of damage, which depends on the ceiling and professional repairs.

If you want to lend a hand, then get yourself a suitable piece of stretch ceiling material. Carefully cut the hole straight with the cutter and stick the patch over it.

Try out beforehand what type of adhesive does not break through on the material! So you do not produce ugly traces of glue. Also, remember to spread the glue up to the edge of the patch.

Tips & TricksA specialist company has special tension-ceiling repair machines, so with some luck the damage will be almost invisible. However, there are again some costs, which may include disassembly and new installation in a similar amount as a complete Neubespannung.

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