How care keeps a wooden house in good shape

The scope and intensity of the care depends primarily on the first wood treatment before installation. If a deep impregnation including blue protection has taken place, as a care remains above all the keeping clean. Further care depends above all on the personal taste and the quality of the wood.

Keeping your eyes open is half of the care entgegen Caring for a wooden house is not, contrary to popular belief, limited to a regular brushing. Keeping the house "in good condition" from the inside and outside minimizes or even eliminates the need for painting.

The material wood naturally has the disadvantage of being sensitive to too much moisture, especially waterlogging. Therefore, all measures that prevent too large and long wetting of wood components, nurturing nature.

Nurturing Attention

Anyone who not only lives in his wooden house, but also with him, performs constant visual inspections automatically. The following components should be closely monitored and, if necessary, cleaned:


Any surface contamination will trap moisture and organic matter on the wood. Therefore, sticky and sticky soiling should be removed as promptly as possible with a broom or a brush.

Corners and corners in the outside area

Corners of all kinds, even under window sills or between intersecting beams, are potential mud flaps. Dirt nests can be quickly removed by brushing or spraying.

Protect patina

If silvery shimmering patina has formed, it should remain as undamaged as possible. Therefore, brush work should be used with care and if possible avoided altogether.

Mold or insect infestation

Similar to human diseases, the time of discovery determines the chances of recovery. If there are signs of mold or insect attack, the depth should be checked immediately. In the early stages, the spores are still mechanically removable without residue. Insects and larvae are killed by heating the surfaces with a hot air gun.

Interior areas

In principle, the same applies to the interior areas as outside. It is important to check the planking under floor coverings and carpets. Synthetic fibers can severely limit the natural breathability of the wood and lead to hidden moisture development.

Tips & TricksOur interior and exterior linens offer highly effective care products for wooden houses. Create a care set based on this raw material.

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