How cork floors should be cared for

Cork floors create a lot of comfort and feel-good atmosphere - but they also want to be properly cared for. What is important here, and how you get a radiantly beautiful floor for a long time with regular maintenance work, you can find out here.

In fact, cork is undemanding

Cork is naturally antistatic, meaning that dirt does not adhere very well to it. Therefore, you often have to sweep or vacuum your cork floor much less than other floor coverings. That makes cork in general quite easily.

Moist cleaning is also part of a comprehensive care, whereby as far as possible a really suitable care product should be added to the wiping water. Not every cleaner that promises that is loud at the end of actually caring for the cork floor - some are rather a burden for the cork. It is best to ask the manufacturer for suitable remedies if you are not sure.

Step by step to a brilliantly shining cork floor

  • Care product for cork, depending on the surface treatment
  • possibly oil, wax or two-component product
  • lint-free, soft cotton cloths
  • bucket
  • ev. Mop (no microfiber!) Gro 1. rough cleaning

Cork floors can be easily swept and clean very quickly with the vacuum cleaner, as their natural antistatic effect hardly sets dirt on them. Zunächst First clean your cork floor thoroughly until all loose dirt has been removed.

2. Wiping and wiping

From time to time a cork floor must of course also be wiped - but in any case avoid flooding it with water - slightly damp is absolutely sufficient. For wiping water you can also give a suitable care product.

Never use microfibre cloths or pug mugs - on sealed cork floors, they may over time remove the seal and cause the floor to become gray. Neu 3. New waxing or oiling

Especially in the most heavily used areas, such as the raceways, you can regularly re-grow or treat your cork floor with oil at regular intervals. The differences between stressed and less stressed areas are less visible. Use only those products that have been treated with the original soil.

Tips & TricksKern and soft soaps are considered "the" universal household cleaners - but for cork flooring they are absolutely taboo, because they can gray the floor and severely damage.

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