How do I get mold out of the sofa?

Mold is created in a humid environment, so you should always keep a sofa as dry as possible. Sometimes, however, moisture from the cool outer wall wanders directly into the piece of furniture when the couch is parked too close to it. Even too wet cleaning can lead to mold! Once the damage is there, it is not so easy to fix. Sch That's why mold is a real problem in the sofa

The moldy spots that you can see are unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg. The fine network of hyphae is often not visible to the naked eye, so you have to assume that the fungus has spread further than anticipated.

In addition, molds are extremely harmful to health, their spores accumulate in the breath and get into the lungs. Therefore, there is a need to remove the infestation without residue, which is quite difficult.

So maybe you can save your sofa

First, of course, the sofa must be dry, so that the fungus can not spread further. If the fungus has smashed only superficially, you can kill it with isopropanol - provided that your substance tolerates this.

Put on a respiratory protection and put on gloves. Vorzugsweise Preferably put the sofa in the fresh air.

  • Rub off all affected areas with an isopropanol rag.
  • Preferably let the isopropanol dry in the sun.
  • Both the alcohol and the sun's rays have a killing effect on the mold. If you really manage to reach all the affected areas and keep the couch dry afterwards, you probably banished the mushroom.
  • The downer: you can not be sure!

However, there is no certainty that your sofa is really mold-free: Spores can still enter the room without you noticing it. In addition, the existing foxing remains.

Tips & TricksOnly because you can never be completely sure, we would at this point recommend either to dispose of a moldy sofa or to completely replace the upholstery with the cover. Only then can you be sure that you have defeated the fungus.

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