How do you build your foundation yourself?

In construction, you will require chute tools to dig the foundation trenches, measuring and woodworking tools for shelling, and a concrete mixer if you want to mix the concrete yourself. The material selection consists of scarf boards and squared timbers as well as concrete gravel and cement for self-mixing. From a foundation area of ​​about 10 square meters, however, the use of ready-mixed concrete is recommended. In addition, when concreting you need steel mesh mats as reinforcement and galvanized steel strip 30x3mm for the foundation earth, if your building is equipped with an electrical system.

Step 1: digging the foundation trenches

Use squared timbers to remove the outer dimensions of your foundations and check their squareness by measuring the diagonals of the same length. Remove the topsoil and store separately from the other excavation. The strip foundations now lay at a depth of 80cm and thus frost-proof.

Step 2: Laying the supply carriers and shells

Bring earth cables for the power supply, sewage pipes, etc. to their intended location with centimeter accuracy. Fill and compact these trenches again.
This is followed by the shuttering work with wooden shuttering, in which you must take extreme care to dimensional accuracy and horizontal execution.
Strip foundations are equipped with inner and outer formwork according to the later masonry thickness. If you are concreting a continuous floor slab, you only need the outer formwork.

Step 3: Cleanliness layer and foundation soil

Cover the areas between the foundation strips with a layer of coarse gravel, which you compact with a vibrating plate. Make sure that the pipe and cable connections protrude from the formwork in the right place. All around, you bring in the foundation earth and its connection lug protrudes from the foundation where the meter cabinet is installed.

Step 4: Concreting

Concrete in layers and compact the concrete with a rammer. Halfway up the continuous floor slab, lay the steel mesh mats. Smooth the finished concrete with a concrete puller. In the first three days after concreting, irrigation ensures the highest quality concrete slab.

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