How do you define an apartment building?

Many house types, even apartment blocks, do not have a precise, uniform definition of their house type. In this article, we bring you closer to the characteristics of an apartment building and explain how big the differences between different apartment buildings.

Where is the minimum limit?

Variety in height and width

As already mentioned, there are great differences in the design and size of apartment buildings. This type of house is characterized by the fact that it is not clearly limited: theoretically, an apartment building can also grow in height (which is considered a high-rise) as well as in width, in order to remain one.

Since the multi-family house has been used since the times of industrialization to provide many people with an apartment without taking up much space, this diversity is indispensable: Depending on the size of the city or the residential area, apartment buildings can be adapted to the respective circumstances, to unfold their full benefits.

Due to its high and manifold benefits, the multi-family dwelling can not be defined locally either: it is popular in a large number of densely populated areas worldwide and creates a home for many people.

Tips & TricksLook through the different types of apartment building to get an idea of ​​the size differences. While you will usually find smaller houses in smaller locations, the size of apartment buildings is increasing with increasing centrality.
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