How does the construction process work for a single-family home?

Building a house is a tedious and not easy process. In this article, we introduce you to the most important steps in the construction process of your family home and explain what distinguishes prefabricated and solid houses.

The planning

Now the house is planned: With your architect, the size, appearance and equipment are planned, including the development of the property (cable, sewer, etc.). Once this has been done, the planning application is made, which should be followed by the building permit. Now it is necessary to obtain material prices, to plan the planning of plumbing, electronics and heating in detail and to find, of course, craft enterprises that make the construction.


After thorough planning, construction can begin. This begins with the site preparation, whereupon earth and canal work and the completion of the bottom plate are done. Now, the shell can be built with walls and ceilings, before then done the roofing work.

Subsequently, the interior work is carried out, which includes a wide field of work: screed, plumbing and electrical work is just as much as the staircase, the plaster as well as the laying of the parquet and papering. After interior work, your family home is ready; Now only the furnishings and the move takes place.

Solid and prefabricated house: the difference

The most fundamental difference in construction is that the shell of the prefabricated house is made from prefabricated parts that can be assembled within a few days. The entire planning of the house is done by a provider, your prefabricated house company, but otherwise does not differ significantly from a solid house.

In a massive single-family home, the entire construction process, from idea to move-in, spans an average of 18 months, but can vary widely depending on your personal situation. The prefabricated house saves a few months here, which is due to the quick setup and the central organization by a provider.

Tips & TricksOn the Internet you will find many testimonials from clients who describe their experience with planning, construction and the entire time frame. This can help you to get a better overview of the construction phase.
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