How does a photovoltaic system design a prefabricated house?

Due to rising energy costs, sustainable energy production in private households is becoming increasingly popular. Above all, the photovoltaic system, also called solar system, has prevailed here. Here you will find helpful information about solar systems for prefabricated houses.

The advantages and disadvantages of a solar system

Another disadvantage is that you always need a second energy source, because despite storage and sunshine, the photovoltaic system is not a "reliable" power source.

And the prefabricated house? Fert Prefabricated house suppliers have also reacted to the growing popularity of solar systems. Therefore, almost all models are available with a photovoltaic system that is optimally adapted to the respective roof size.

Another advantage of the prefabricated house is that your prefabricated house company is usually also the point of contact for the solar system. This makes it easier to handle problems with this complex system.

In addition, many models even look better when such a system is installed; It testifies to the modernity of the new prefabricated house. In addition, the obvious, "green" energy production makes a positive, progressive impression to the outside.

What else is there to consider?

You should consider whether the photovoltaic system is even worthwhile for the orientation of your house: If your roof is oriented east or west, you have only a small "income" of electricity, ideally a complete orientation to the south.

In the case of a flat roof, you also need to invest in a bracket that aligns your solar system approximately at a 30-degree angle to the sun. And finally the question: Can you even provide enough space to make use of it effective?

Tips & TricksIf you are interested in a photovoltaic system, it is best to choose a prefabricated house that is optically and structurally designed for it. This results in a successful overall picture.

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