How is a prefabricated house actually built?

Are you interested in a prefabricated house, but still have some questions on this topic? What materials is it made of? How is the manufacturing and construction process going? Answers to this interesting topic and how it looks at all with the quality, you will learn in the following article.

Can quality even compete with "normal" houses?

So you see that prefabricated houses are high quality due to professional work and good material quality. But what materials are that and what is meant by "professional work"?

The materials

The most important building material in prefabricated houses is wood. It forms the load-bearing wall construction and ensures stability, as mostly solid softwood is used. But unlike a "wooden hut" accurate sawing, milling and drilling takes place here. As a rule, a dimensional tolerance of only one millimeter is allowed. In addition, an exact labeling is done to avoid mistakes in the construction.

The walls of prefabricated houses are becoming ever more stable. Known decades ago as partially inferior, today they are massive and durable constructions. They can be made of lightweight concrete or brick and qualitatively unlock a solid house. Casting with concrete is also popular in order to further increase stability at the construction site.

The production of the individual parts

But why are the parts of prefabricated houses so precisely manufactured and durable over decades? Because the development process is performed professionally and precisely from the first step. But how does this happen?

  • First, all components of the house are constructed on the computer using CAD software.
  • Now the panel is cut for the walls of the later house, using computer models and precise sawing.
  • The wooden beams are then cut completely automatically.
  • After the truss has been laid and the cut plates have been fixed to it, the cavities for switches and sockets are milled.
  • The insulation is applied.
  • The windows, exterior window sills and roller blinds are mounted precisely.
  • For protection, a mineral base coat is applied.

This prefabrication has the strength that there are far fewer problems with the construction of the house than with solid houses. In addition, the construction can be completed within a few days.

Tips & TricksIf you plan to build a prefabricated house or are interested in it, just look at the structure of another example. Contact a prefabricated house company for this, they will certainly help you.

What should you pay attention to?

Unfortunately, there are still "black sheep" among the prefabricated house companies. If you opt for cheap variants, in case of doubt, neither longevity nor comfortable living is given. Because here is saved on all corners: thinner walls, poorer workmanship and little insulation can be the result.

In order to avoid such "experiences", you should inform yourself in advance about the provider, for example on the Internet. Anyone who is well rated and bears the seal of approval of the BDF (German Association for prefabricated construction) attaches great importance to quality in work and materials.

That does not mean that the most expensive supplier is automatically the best: Prefab companies in the medium price range can not only offer a large selection of high-volume items, but also high-quality materials. Hundreds or thousands of built houses testify to great experience and an almost perfectly rehearsed production process.

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