How is a prefabricated house constructed?

The basic difference between a prefab and a solid house is the type of construction. Why can a prefabricated house be set up so quickly? How are the parts produced? And what about the quality? Answers to questions like these can be found in the following article.


And how is construction done?

After the finished parts have been brought from the factory to the construction site, the actual construction begins. For this purpose, the individual parts are brought into position and fastened to each other with the help of sturdy wooden girders. Of course, then also the roof must be mounted. If everything happens without complications, this process takes one to two days.

If you want a cellar, however, the construction time is delayed by a few weeks, usually three to four. Obtaining the building permit takes one to four months despite the usually completed floor plans.

Just as much time has to be calculated for the subsequent interior work as for a massive house, usually eight to twelve weeks. With special "extra wishes", this period can also be extended.

The high quality of the bodywork

But can this fast set-up also ensure long-lasting, good quality? Yes, in many ways. On the one hand, the components achieve such a precision of fit that can not be achieved by the mason at the massive house.

On the other hand, both the production, which takes place in halls, and the construction, which is done in the shortest possible time, ensure the best possible protection against weather and other external influences.


The following overview summarizes the facts about the structure:

  • fast, precise production
  • permanent weather protection during production and assembly
  • quick, safe installation of the house
  • extra requests are always possible, but sometimes delay the construction time
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