What is the cost of building a terraced house?

How is the price influenced?

Costs overview

Price1. Body shell, floor space 400 sqm
320,000 EUR2. Interior work
100,000 EUR3. Roofing works
60,000 EURTotal
480,000 EURThis calculation only lists the pure construction costs, which are of course a real project are shown in much greater detail. In reality, this is not the entire cost range: costs for land, the exterior design, planning and seemingly unimportant things, such as notary and land register entry represent a significant amount in addition to the construction costs.

How can you save?

When building a terraced house, make sure that the costs do not explode. A detailed planning usually helps with the help of a checklist: Look at what you need and what you do not need in order to use the terraced house as a source of income in the long term. A luxurious decor is nice, but nothing helps you if you do not find anyone interested.

Tips & TricksCompare comparing the prices of different solid and prefabricated house providers to get an idea of ​​the construction costs of a terraced house. Just look at a provider, you are dependent on its pricing policy and do not know that elsewhere it may be even cheaper.

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