How much does a massive prefab house cost?

What seems like an antithesis is now a very popular construction: the construction of a prefabricated house using solid materials. In this article, we'll explain the benefits of the "massive" prefab and what it costs.

What are the benefits of massive materials?

What is the cost of massive fabrics in the prefabricated house?

In general, the standard models of the manufacturers do not contain massive materials; their use is usually under individual agreement with the prefabricated house supplier. Clear that for this "luxury" surcharges are due. If you want to reinforce your entire outer wall, which is indispensable for noticeable insulation, prices start at around 10,000 euros. Depending on the house, but these can also be significantly more expensive.

So, when planning your prefabricated house, have a cost estimate made in order to avoid later "surprises". Of course, not only the outer wall, but also the top floor ceiling or the roof can be reinforced to achieve a significant improvement of the insulation.

Exemplary calculation

In order to illustrate the total costs of a prefabricated house, but especially the price effect of such a reinforcement, we present below an exemplary cost statement. It is a turnkey one-family house with a floor area of ​​120 square meters, the associated property is 600 square meters.

Costs overviewPrice
1. Plot 600 sqm, developed45.000 EUR
2. Detached house 120 sqm, turnkey200.000 EUR
3. Outdoor facilities (terrace, garden etc.)15.000 EUR
4. Formalities (land registry, notary etc. )10,000 EUR
5. Reinforcement of the outer wall by concrete15,000 EUR
Total285,000 EUR

Although this example is a bit too vague for reality, it does show that the price effect of strengthening your prefabricated house is relatively small, but it does a permanently better insulation of sound and heat. In order to save money, only a price comparison of different providers and houses helps.

Tips & Tricks Inform yourself about different materials, the respective costs and above all their insulating effect for your prefabricated house. Sometimes classical materials such as concrete are more effective than novel substances that sellers sell as "miracle products".
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