How much does a multi-family house cost as a prefabricated house?

The price plays a crucial role in the purchase of a house. In this article you will find an example of what a multi-family house can cost as a prefabricated house, what differences there are and how you can save.

The prefabricated house - does it affect the price?

Exemplary calculation

In the following example, we calculate the costs for an apartment building with six apartments built in prefabricated construction. The house has a floor area of ​​140 square meters; each apartment is about 70 square meters in size on three floors.

Costs overviewPrice
1. Body shell220,000 EUR
2. Interior construction80,000 EUR
3rd plot, 700 square meters50,000 EUR
4. Outside areas (garden, terrace)30,000 EUR
5. Cellar50,000 EUR
6. Other20,000 EUR
Total450,000 EUR

How to lower the price?

It is always economical to compare the different suppliers and to see where the price-performance ratio is best. But not only comparisons, but also the individual adjustment is important when buying a multi-family house: Especially if the house is intended for rental, you should think economically and build only what you really need.

Tips & TricksContact both prefabricated and solid house manufacturers to compare prices better. Sometimes it is not the differences between the two types that are amazing, but between individual manufacturers within an industry.
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