How much is a move?

Everyone who plays with the idea of ​​hiring a moving company wants to know in advance what the move will cost. All in all you can not call prices. Many different factors make up the total price. Nevertheless, you can be actively involved in order to regulate the price downwards.

Good preparation

Who prepares his move well, saves money. The price is primarily made up of moving volume, distance of the apartments and working hours. So if you reduce your move volume by clearing out earlier, you will reduce the price. At the distance of the apartments can be done only by targeted housing search something. Less freight also means less working time. If the new apartment is not too far away, you can go there for smaller things in advance of the move.
If the transport volume is fixed, get various offers from local removal companies. Most companies will want to get an idea on site. Too cheap companies will save on insurance or not pay the workers properly. Arrange an upper limit with the forwarder. Then the price can not explode.

Further savings factors

Almost all companies offer a full service. This includes packaging the goods to be moved and dismantling and assembling the furniture. Of course that costs extra. If you can do it yourself, you can save money. Moving boxes you get cheap in the hardware store. The packaging material is old newspaper, which you can then dispose of in the paper container for free. Make sure that the boxes do not get too heavy. They still have to be worn. And they should not tear. Always put the heavy stuff in the box first.

There are some sites on the internet where you can calculate the moving prices. This is not binding. At the same time offers can be requested.

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