What does a new roof cost?

Whether pitched roof, hipped roof or flat roof: Above all else, a roof truss must be solid enough to withstand all kinds of weather for many decades to come. Therefore, a client should not resort to cheap deals when it comes to the house roof. But what does a new roof cost?

flat roof or pitched roof: what costs are to be expected?

Of course, the question "What does a new roof cost?" Can not be answered on a flat-rate basis, but we can give you some pointers to the price assessment. For this we roughly divide the roofs into "flat roof" and "pitched roof".

Costs for the new pitched roof

  • The size of the roof is always of crucial importance for the price. For a pitched roof, you should expect a cost of an average of 60 EUR per square meter for the roof truss in the shell.
  • In addition there are the costs for the thermal insulation, which again costs between 30 and 60 EUR per square meter of roof area. Efficient insulation according to the latest standards requires a higher initial investment - and saves the most energy costs.
  • When choosing the roof covering, you can turn the price screw the most: with costs of 20 to 100 EUR per square meter, this cost factor has the largest margin. The actual price is mainly determined by the material you have selected.

Costs for the new flat roof

A simple flat roof, including a gravel layer and average thermal insulation, will cost you around 80 to 90 EUR per square meter. With PASSIV HAUS standard insulation, you will generally have to pay well over EUR 100 per square meter.

Further cost factors

When considering your costs, bear in mind that pitched roofs must be particularly robust in severe weather conditions and therefore become more expensive. Overall, you should consider the regional price differences in the craft sector.

If your new roof is to be built on an old house, then the demolition costs for the old roof will be added to the final price. Who wants to equip his roof with a dormer and or a glass front, must expect a higher price.

Case study: How much does a new roof cost for a detached house?

A one-family house receives a 170 square meter pitched roof, including thermal insulation and high-quality roofing. In addition, there are some simple skylights, a dormer is not planned.

Costs overviewPrice
New roof truss10,200 EUR
Thermal insulation8,500 EUR
Roofing8,700 EUR
Total27,400 EUR

Cost savings through subsidies

You can apply for subsidies for heat-insulating measures at the house. Responsible for this is KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). Information is also available at www.bafa.de.

Tips & TricksSelect the best thermal insulation for your roof. This may be more expensive for you in the beginning, but you will benefit later from rising energy prices!
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