How much does a stainless steel chimney cost?

The main price factor is the design of a stainless steel chimney. There are one and two wall models. Single-walled versions are intended for the renovation of masonry vents. Two-walled stainless steel chimneys are suitable for self-reliance. Strong designs can stand alone up to three meters.

Wall thickness and diameter

The standard wall thicknesses for stainless steel chimneys are 0.5, 0.6 and 1 millimeter. The price difference between the two low wall thicknesses and the strongest execution is around 25 percent on average. For a chimney with free stand the strongest variant is recommended.

Another price factor for the stainless steel chimney is the diameter of the pipe. The bandwidth ranges between 113 and 180 millimeters. Standard diameters are also 120, 130 and 150 millimeters. The price jumps to the next size is for most manufacturers between three and five percent.

Kits and prefabricated packages

In most cases, the purchase of a kit or finished package is common. Depending on the manufacturer, the item names vary. Depending on the design and type of use, the sets contain up to 15 different components. Usually, the kits consist of eight to ten identical items.

  • One to three continuous pipe elements
  • Pipe element with double sleeve
  • Pipe element with drainage loop
  • Pipe element with spacer
  • Condensate bowl
  • Test port
  • Firing connection or T-piece
  • End cap
  • Chimney door
  • Rain hat

Single-wall sets for a stainless steel chimney start at a price from three hundred euros, two-walled versions from four hundred euros. Depending on the manufacturer, the necessary additional parts have to be purchased for the basic elements. In some packages insulating materials such as mineral or rock wool and wall lining are already included.

Wall rosettes, wall brackets, clamp straps and neck tapes with rejuvenation are often part of the accessories that come with the basic price.

Tips & TricksMany manufacturers provide an online configurator on their website. After entering the required stainless steel chimney system, a total price is calculated.
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