How much is a stairlift?

A stair lift gives people with a disability the opportunity to stay in their home. An independent self-determined life, thanks to the stairlift has its price. The different variants are available for strongly differing acquisition costs.

Costs for stairlifts

The cheapest solution is a seat lift, which is attached to a perfectly straight staircase. If no curves are necessary, a cheap seat lift can already be installed for 3,000 euros. If curves have to be incorporated, however, the price can easily reach the 10,000 euros even with a simple seat lift.

platform lift for wheelchair users

In contrast, the platform lift, which is better suited for wheelchair users, hardly gets under 8,000 euros in the house. However, a platform lift can also be installed outside the house, if the conditions in the interior do not permit this, this is even possible with some seat lifts.

Of course, a platform lift in the outdoor area costs even more, since the motors and batteries must be partially installed frost-free. Of course, all prices are snapshots that can change quickly.Concrete example calculations

We have shown two examples of seat lifts here. The price difference is not only in the number of extras or the curves, but rather in the quality of the manufacturer. Saving is usually a desirable thing, but with a stairlift you probably prefer to choose a reliable manufacturer.

Example 1

example 2

rent or buy?

A stairlift can also be rented or leased. Here, under certain circumstances, shares of costs are also covered by the care fund. The rental period is, however, always occupied with a minimum period of 36 months.

Although the stair lift will be taken back free of charge, the adjustments in advance must still be paid. In addition, a down payment is often required.



Savings potential in the case of Purchase

Since the stairlift in most cases has to be adapted to the conditions, saving options are rather sparse. Even pieces of the fair or exhibition models are more likely to be found at the regional level. Therefore, you should ask once on site at the manufacturers once.

Used stairlifts are also a cheap option, but only if they are in top condition and you do not have to make any major changes.

Masses / exhibits

If exhibits are available from the manufacturers, they can be obtained as a so-called used stairlift something cheaper. But these models are rarely sufficiently long and need to be adapted. So the costs are usually not lowered too much.

Used Stairlift

The prices vary with the used stairlifts similar to the new models. But here also the age and the condition of the respective model play into the pricing. However, if you have to adapt and remodel many things, you will often find it cheaper with a used stairlift than with a new one.

From a private provider you should buy a used stair lift only if you know him well. The professional dealers of used stairlifts may be a little more expensive, but you get at least a certain guarantee.

Anyone who buys from a private person has no security and no one who installs the stairlift properly. The cost for a fitter who adapts and installs the lift, so come in any case.


If you already have a nursing degree, you will receive a subsidy can be up to 2,557 euros. However, the degree of impairment is still being tested. Different charities may also give a grant.

Possibly also the professional association or an accident insurance is obligatory and must pay the affected person grants. Find out more about this in our article on stair lift subsidy / health insurance.

Operating costs

First and foremost, the costs of regular maintenance are significant in terms of operating costs. These can be avoided if you already agreed to a free maintenance contract with the manufacturer when you buy the lift.

Electricity costs

Unfortunately, the electricity costs are very different, this depends not only on the length of the rail, but also again mainly in the manufacturer.

Only a few manufacturers make in advance information on the power consumption, so you should ask when making a purchase concretely

maintenance costs

Who has agreed when buying his stair lift no free maintenance, can later seek a maintenance contract. But this is usually a bit more expensive.

This should not prevent you from having to wait for the lift, this is absolutely necessary for your own safety once a year. See also our article Stairlift Maintenance.Tips & TricksGet at least three offers in each case. Pay attention not only to the price alone, but rather to a manufacturer with a particularly good reputation.

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