How much is a turnkey double house?

Most builders choose a turnkey house; after all, it offers many advantages. But what does a turnkey double house cost? In this article, you will find an example of the cost of a turnkey semi-detached house.

Turnkey - what does that mean?

Example calculation

In the following we calculate the price of a turnkey double house. It has a floor area of ​​170 square meters and is built in prefabricated construction.

Costs overviewPrice
1. Body shell120,000 EUR
2. Interior construction70,000 EUR
3rd roof40,000 EUR Keller 4. Cellar
40,000 EUR5. Miscellaneous
30,000 EURTotal
300,000 EURThese prices may vary depending on Vendor and house of course vary greatly; Costs for land, outside areas and other necessities are not included in the calculation.

How can you save costs?

Since you are usually only one of two builders in a semi-detached house, you must consider with your future neighbor how you can save costs: First and foremost, it is important to compare the prices of the various manufacturers, as there are often serious differences.

In addition, it is possible for most suppliers to choose a partly turnkey version in addition to the fully turnkey house, which is cheaper and where you only have to take over part of the interior design. For many builders, this is the ideal solution.

Tips & TricksThe semi-detached house is a great way to get to your own four walls relatively cheaply. The planning, especially with regard to costs and prices, is much easier if you get along well with the other client. So think twice with whom you want to build the duplex.

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