How much is a turnkey prefabricated house?

Turnkey prefabricated houses are among the most popular types in Germany. But what is the "turnkey" and what advantages and disadvantages does it offer? In addition, this article uses an example to show you what a turnkey prefab house costs.

What does the term "turnkey" mean?

Little effort, higher costs

The advantage of the turnkey house is obvious: You do not have to undertake time-consuming or demanding tasks yourself and are subject to much less time during the construction phase. While your developer takes over all the work, you can continue to live your professional and private life as usual.

But why, then, do many builders still opt for a development house? Of course, because the costs are much lower than in the turnkey prefabricated house. While you save a considerable amount of money on the purchase, which comes from lost labor costs, you have to spend a lot of time, patience and craftsmanship to carry out the interior design itself. The higher costs are therefore the clear disadvantage of the turnkey variant.

The turnkey house as a prefabricated house

The turnkey prefabricated house is not an expensive "luxury", but even cheap compared to other alternatives. If you compare it with a turnkey solid house, the full benefits of the prefabricated house come to fruition: not only the industrial design and a well-rehearsed, fast construction, but also the central organization by the developer provides a clear savings compared to the massive house.

The turnkey prefabricated house is almost a "savings" itself; The extension house is just an increase that allows maximum cost savings. However, you should not think that a prefabricated house is automatically cheaper: The increasing individuality in prefabricated construction ensures that they can also build unique and correspondingly expensive houses here.

Example calculation

The following example will show you what an average, turnkey prefabricated house costs. The example lists a single-family home with a floor area of ​​120 square meters, the 600-square-meter plot leaves enough room for design freedom. The prices quoted vary greatly depending on the provider and region.

Price overviewPrice1st plot, 600 square meters40,0002nd development of the property10,0003. Turnkey prefabricated house (detached house, 120 square meters)200,000Keller 4th cellar35,000Außen 5. Outdoor facilities (terrace , Garden)15,000 EUR6. Other (land transfer tax, notary)10,000 EURtotal310,000 EUR

Of course, these costs are only exemplary and in real life in many direct costs more divided. However, the calculation shows that not only the turnkey prefabricated house itself can be expensive, but also the additional costs incurred; Do not lose sight of them to keep a realistic asking price.

Tips & TricksYou can choose from many providers also a "middle ground", if you want to save costs, but do not want to take on too difficult work. So decide first for a development house and then choose if certain work (for example, the electrical installation) should be taken over by the developer.
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