How much is a turnkey solid house?

One of the most important aspects of building a house is the cost - after all, the investment is huge. In this article, we will use a sample project to explain how expensive a turnkey solid house can become and how you can cut costs.

What is a turnkey solid house?

Our example project

In order to illustrate the calculation of a turnkey solid house as realistically as possible, we have chosen the following project: A family would like to build a two-family house with a house surface area of ​​140 square meters and a cellar, the suitable property comprises a total of 500 square meters. Since the property is already fully developed, so it is connected to all lines of the infrastructure, there are no costs.

Calculation of the example project

Cost overviewPrice
1st plot 500 sqm45,000 EUR
2nd two-family house with 140 sqm floor space180,000 EUR
3rd basement incl. Excavation40,000 EUR
4. Design of the garden with terrace15,000 EUR
5. Formalities (notary, building permit, etc.)10,000 EUR
Total290,000 EUR

If you were to carry out the same project as a development house, you could deduct from the price of the massive house about 60,000 euros, which would correspond to a total of 230,000 euros.

Where can you save costs?

Even with a turnkey house you can save costs through a targeted checklist. The goal of this is that you do not do any unnecessary construction: Do I really need a basement? Does it have to be a garage or is a carport enough?

The first question would have brought in our example a saving of 40,000 euros: It is not necessary to build a cellar for the price of a mid-range car only for the building services and some "clutter". Just as good is a separate, above-ground storage room.

Also, the land area drives up the costs if it exceeds your needs. If we had taken a plot with 600 instead of 500 square meters in the example, this would have been about 10,000 euros more expensive. Some "savings" are made simply by thoroughly examining the situation. And most importantly, read all contracts carefully to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Tips & TricksDraw on to help with the construction contract of an expert, for example a notary. Many vendors use inaccurate phrasing to mislead you. Once the contract has been signed, bitter disappointments can arise both in terms of costs and planning.
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