How to make the prices of spatula modest

The prices of spatula are often not so easy to fathom. Craftsmen include the material costs in labor cost packages with area or length dimensions. When buying self-leveling compound, the selection of expensive plastic containers or bags ranges from directly processable finished products to inexpensive dry powders. Sp Four putty types

The overview and comparability of the costs is a preliminary distinction of the different available and usable putty types:

Finished putty in sealed form, which is already processed directly wet

  • Finished putty in powder form, also two components, which are mixed with water
  • base material and Self-produced fillers
  • Leveling filler for floor leveling
  • Moisture leveling filler is by far the most expensive filler. For filling surfaces and longer joints and slots, it is too expensive and not necessary.

Tasks and Selection

The material price for spatula is a cost factor that fills walls and covers equally. When floors such as screed are filled, higher demands can be placed on the spatula in terms of abrasion resistance, texture and stability.

In the common practice of craftsmen to summarize their services in packages, the type of filler and reasons for the selection should be inquired. For convenience, some craftsmen take expensive products or increase their profit margin through inferior or poorly mixed scrapers.

Orientation option and consumption quantities

Basically spatula should be diffusible. The only exception are wood fillers, which are mostly based on synthetic resin. As a rough guideline for the material costs of plastering plaster the current purchase price for the mixing powder product Uniflott can be used. Gypsum products must be enriched with the appropriate additives for the intended use.

The packaging shows mixing ratios and quantity requirements in room and length dimensions. A craftsman should be able to declare price deviations both upwards and downwards before plastering the plaster. Different spatula produce variable consumption values. The filling of joints, slits and screw holes can be based on consumption of 0.3 to 0.4 kilograms per m2. Surface and leveling putties should be calculated at about one kilogram per m2.

Tips & TricksFor putty in powder form to make yourself, you get for almost all applications, a kilogram for about 1.80 to 2 euros.

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