How to adjust your waterbed yourself optimally

If you suddenly wake up with back or neck pain, your body sinks deeper into the mattress than you normally do, or you somehow feel uncomfortable on your waterbed, the water bed probably needs to be readjusted. Here's how to figure out the optimal capacity:

How to tell if your water bed is too low on water

  • Your spine is not lying on the bed, but rather a clear arc.
  • They sink deeper than usual into the mattress. Your head is higher than your spine.
  • If you lie on your side, your spine is not straight, but describes a slight curve.
  • Turning around is harder.
  • They hang through as if you were lying in a hammock. Ruhig Quietly test the first days of different amounts of water. If you feel it's even better, just add a little water the next morning or drain a little bit of water until you find the optimal amount for you.
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