How to build a dormer yourself

Dormers give roof rooms more light and more room height. In some cases, you can also contribute significantly to the visual beautification of a home. However, building a dormer by itself is a delicate matter - and means a lot of effort. You can find out how to do this best here.

Background information

The most important first: in almost all cases, the construction of a dormer window is bound to an appropriate building permit, which must be available first. In many cases, a whole number of documents are required for this, often also a structural safety report from the structural engineer. Before you get started, you should definitely have the paperwork done and hold the permit in your hands.

Prefabricated dormer versus self-construction

Prefabricated dormers are hoisted assembled on site with the crane assembled - with dormers up to a width of around 1.50 meters this is usually relatively easy. In addition, in prefabricated dormers usually all the necessary documents for submission already exist. The complete DIY is on the other hand really only experienced craftsmen to advise, and then only with the appropriate expert help - too much can go wrong, and then threaten under certain circumstances expensive damage to the house. Material The material question

A dormer window can either be made of wood or of metal - for metal, the much more solid design and the much lower maintenance costs compared to wood. The decision is ultimately with you.

Placement and size

The placement and size of a dormer are important factors in construction and visual impact. Experienced craftsmen are therefore advised to discuss this with an expert, such as an architect.

Step-by-step guide for shrouding the floor slab

Material for roof dormer wall construction

  • Dormer roof truss material
  • Insulation and insulation material
  • Plaster material
  • Roofing
  • Window and material for installing windows
  • Support beams for supporting the roof truss during the roof Construction phase
  • required. Tool for wall construction and construction of the roof truss
  • required. Tools for plastering, roofing and window installation
  • 1. Planning and approving the dormer window

For planning, it is best to consult with an architect. Then contact the relevant building authority with a preliminary construction inquiry or the application for a building permit. Only if your roof dormer construction is approved, you can actually start

2. Tear down the old roof in the dormer area

First, the old roof from the inside to the roof truss is demolished. Then the front is first set up and put in the Lot, then removed the rest of the old roof. The rest of the roof truss must be supported with beams.

3. Erect side walls

Next, the side walls of the dormer are erected, clad and then plastered.

4. Erection of a new roof truss and sealing the dormer window

Next, the dormer will receive its roof truss and be sealed and insulated. That has to be done very carefully.

5. Install the windows and cover the roof again

At the end there is the window installation and the roofing of the roof of the dormer and the removed roof parts.

Tips & TricksWhen insulating and supporting the roof beams, the utmost caution and care are required - even experienced craftsmen often make mistakes that are expensive and expensive to remedy. Do-it-yourselfers should best leave this to a professional.

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