How to build the prices of a wooden house

The first step in building a wooden house is the construction method and the chosen materials. If a wooden house is made entirely of wood, no prices other than the insulation and openings in the house must be calculated for non-related materials. The spectrum ranges from a simple log cabin to a wooden paneled villa.

Determining cost factors

The construction project for a timber construction must be divided into individual main areas. Depending on the plot of land and the construction method, the following factors are decisive:

  • Construction: block, panel or column construction
  • Base area
  • Height or floors
  • Roof shape
  • Number of windows and doors
  • Required foundation
  • If necessary, basement
  • Insulation effort
  • Sanitary and heating installations
  • Use of Kits

The budget can be assumed for the simplest wooden houses of prices from 50,000 euros. For the construction of a wooden house in the dimension of a detached house should be estimated 200,000 to 300,000 euros. Compared with the solid and solid stone construction method, the costs are on average about one third lower.

Work and Machinery

A decisive effect on prices is the decision to choose a kit from a manufacturer or to plan the house and buy the wood yourself. Another big price factor is the construction. All carpentry, joinery and carpentry work can be influenced by more or less personal contribution.

While kits can be built by experienced and skilled amateurs for the most part, the cutting of raw wood is hardly possible. Apart from technical knowledge, professional machines such as saws, planers and cranes must be available. In most cases, the best cost-benefit ratio for combined construction is achieved when building a wooden house

Assignment of work shares

The construction and construction plan should not only contain the individual construction steps, but also include an assignment of who performs which work. A distinction can be made between the following types of work:

  • preparatory auxiliary work such as excavation, pouring foundations and treating wood
  • woodworking requiring professional knowledge Montag professional knowledge-requiring assembly work including roof
  • machine-supported auxiliary work such as sawing, moving and placing
  • reworking of the basic construction
  • installation of windows and Doors
  • Price ranges

For a kit house, the prices per square meter start from about 500 euros and reach up to 1500 euros. This price range includes construction from the foundation. The development costs for water and electricity and the foundation creation are calculated separately. The proportion of own work decides and for the interior work up to 300 euros per square meter must be calculated as calculation basis.

For a self-planned "free" wooden house, prices and construction costs are more variable. For example, when buying wood in sawmills, machining to parts is very dependent on the type of construction. Pre-cut boards, planks and beams for the table and stand construction can usually be customized and assembled together in-house. Block designs allow cheaper raw material prices through the use of unsaid peeled tree trunks, but increase processing costs.

Tips & TricksIn particular with regard to the fire protection of a wooden house, you must comply with very strict building regulations.

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