How to build your couch as needed!

A bought couch does not necessarily have to stay as it is. The furniture can also be converted if necessary, but skill, creativity and patience are needed. First, you have to look very carefully to find out how the sofa is constructed. Then it goes to the disassembly, if necessary - and finally you can remove or attach parts.

Before changing the couch: analyze the sofa exactly

Would you like to shorten or extend the seat of your couch? Or are you planning to replace the backrest with a new, more comfortable design? Whatever you want to do, the first step is always to analyze the existing furniture. Genau Take a close look at the relevant areas: How are the individual elements assembled? Is it easy to disassemble - or will it be more difficult?

  • Remove those items that are easy to uninstall and research what's underneath. What material is the frame made of? How are the upholstery attached? Which suspension is available?
  • Lay the couch on the back to look at the bottom in peace. If the sofa is covered with a textile from below, remove it carefully and look into the piece of furniture.
  • Only if you know exactly how your couch is composed, you can plan a sensible renovation. Often, the frame consists of easy-to-saw plywood, only the suspension and possibly glued upholstery are difficult to work. Dem Dismantling and rebuilding the couch

Disassemble the parts that you can easily dismantle. The suspension is often suspended in the frame and can probably also, if necessary, quite easily be removed.

If the upholstery can not be removed easily, you will probably need to purchase it again at the end of the renovation. Then you can cut them off and cut them at will beforehand, the new cover will be waiting for you!

Tips & TricksNew fabric can be attached to the bottom and back with the tacker or a hot glue gun. It is only important that you pull the textiles tight and wrinkle-free over the upholstery to achieve a clean look.

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