How to Calculate the Cost of Bath Rehabilitation

A bath renovation costs a lot of money. The conversion of a bathroom in a luxury bathroom can be quite 25,000 euros. However, this should not be the rule, but that is precisely why cost planning for the bathroom renovation is extremely important.
If you start a bathroom remodeling without knowing the financial consequences, you run the risk of being too careful. The result of this is that you spent less money than you had planned. Perhaps you would have fulfilled one or the other wish, if you had recognized your financial reserves in time. In retrospect, especially in fixed installations, these are often no longer feasible.
On the other hand, it may also be the case that you underestimate the scope of the investment. However, once you have started remediation, you must complete it, and the consequence in this case would be a forced saving, usually at the expense of the quality of the materials used.
The following cost list should serve as a guide. It is based on a bathroom with a floor area of ​​16 square meters, which is to be furnished in the old Roman style and with toilet, bidet, double vanity, shower panel, whirlpool, an antique pillar in the room and an electric underfloor heating. All work is done in-house.

Renovation of the walls, tiles, drywall

Restoration plaster for medium-sized repairs and Dämmanstriche 50.00 €
Tile flexible adhesive and grouting 40.00 €
19 square meters terracotta floor tiles (incl. Socket) € 760.00
40 square meters wall tiles, some with ornament 500,00 €
Drywall and accessories 150,00 €
Styrofoam stucco ornaments 200,00 €

Total 1,700.00 €

Sanitary installation and installation

1 double washbasin 400,00 €
1 WC 150,00 €
1 bidet 150 , € 00
3 wall-mounted installations € 500.00
1 shower panel with shower tray and shower partition 1.000,00 €
1 Whirlpool medium equipment level € 2,000.00
Mixer taps and fittings € 500.00
Pipe material € 150.00

Total € 4,850.00

Electrical installation

Electric underfloor heating 10qm with regulator 400,00 €
Indirect lighting behind stucco moldings 150,00 €
Installation material 100,00 €

Total 650,00 €
Total cost of this Ba renovation 7,200.00 €

You will receive a bath at this price, which already corresponds to an increased standard. If you receive the materials in the package from a craft business, you will receive the right combination, many valuable tips and usually also cheaper prices for high-quality material than in the hardware store.

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