How to calculate the power consumption of your refrigerator

Refrigerators are indispensable for modern food storage, and in times of high electricity prices there is an increasing demand for energy-efficient appliances. Anyone who thinks about a new purchase, even though the old refrigerator still works well, simply wants to save energy. Whether the purchase of a new device really pays off, you will learn when you calculate the power consumption of the old refrigerator and check when the modern refrigerator amortized.

How to calculate the power consumption of your refrigerator

The approximate calculation of the power consumption is relatively simple, you only have to take an hour to do so and you need the power consumption of your refrigerator as an important clue.

This value is likely to be found on the nameplate of the unit, expressed in watts. If the number is not noted on the sign, look for power consumption on the Internet or check with the device manufacturer.

Now stop how many minutes per hour your refrigerator compressor is active. Be sure to follow the clearly audible sound that indicates when the compressor is running. Then the calculation begins. Berechnen Calculate the power consumption and the energy costs for the refrigerator

Take the stopped minutes 24 times to determine how long the compressor will run per day.

  • Multiply the result by 365 to see how long the compressor will run each year.
  • Convert the whole thing back into hours (divided by 60) and multiply the number of hours by the power consumption (for example, 140 watts).
  • If you now divide this result by 1,000, you have calculated the electricity consumption in kWh.
  • Finally, you can multiply the cost per kWh with the result, currently they are between 26 and 30 cents: Now you know about how much money you have to pay for your refrigerator per year.

An overview for orientation

For orientation, we provide a brief overview of realistic power consumption, hourly running times and the resulting annual energy costs at a price of 27 cents per kWh:

power consumption

running time in minutes per hourannual electricity costs100
1039,42 Euro150
1059,13 Euro100
1247,30 Euro150
1263,07 EuroTips & TricksTechnically you can determine the power consumption with an electricity meter that is between the socket and the fridge is switched. In some cities you can borrow such a device from the Citizen's Office or even from the City Library.
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