How to clean your synthetic leather couch professionally

A sofa made of imitation leather makes a really nice impression - and the best thing about it: animals are left untouched! However, the good piece needs some care in order to stay in good shape. Always be careful when cleaning your faux leather couch and use gentle means to avoid damaging the surface. Hilfsmittel These aids are suitable for cleaning imitation leather


UseKitchen towels
Quick cleaning in emergenciesVacuum cleaner with upholstery nozzle
Gentle suction of solidsSoft cloths
For wet wipingDish soap (colorless)
For loosening fatsSynthetic leather balm
for Refreshing the colors and waterproofingCloth cover
for protection against contaminationAs you can see, your imitation leather sofa normally requires little special care products, just normal household cleaners to stay clean. But the artificial leather balm stands out from the list, with him the couch receives a lasting effective impregnation.

How often should I clean my leatherette couch? Staub On artificial leather surfaces accumulates dust very quickly, so we recommend to vacuum the sofa once a week when cleaning the house and wet plaster. Of course, you should remove fresh spots immediately after they have formed.

Impregnation with artificial leather balm is not as common: just look at the instructions for use of your product to find out at what intervals a treatment is needed. Normally the distance is several weeks. To use the balm:

First, thoroughly vacuum the leatherette sofa. Leicht Moisten a soft cloth lightly. Darauf Place the artificial leather balm on it.

Work the balm in a circular motion.

  • Use a kitchen towel to remove excess material.
  • Treat wells with a soft leather brush.
  • Always follow the instructions for use of the product you are using, which may contain different information. In most cases, our guide should be true.
  • Wet wipes as a secret weapon against stains
  • Stubborn stains can often be removed relatively well with wet wipes for babies. In any case, it does not hurt if such a pack is always ready to be used in an emergency. You may first have to leave the stain a little under the cloth.
  • Tips & TricksDo not place your imitation leather sofa in direct sunlight or protect it with blankets and pillows against UV radiation. Otherwise, the surface could bleach too fast!
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