How to design your closet

Do you want to spice up your wardrobe and embellish it with great decorative elements? There are many ways to design a cabinet. In this post we give you some nice ideas and suggestions on how to make a real unique piece out of your cupboard.

Methods of embellishing a closet

When designing your wardrobe, your imagination knows no bounds:
You can paint,

  • paint, mit coat it with foil, wachsen grow it, or even wallpaper it.
  • It looks especially pretty if you only put individual accents on your cupboard, eg. only wallpaper a part of the cabinet doors or just paint the frame of the cabinet.
  • Creating a template
  • If you want to paint your wardrobe with patterns or motifs, you do not even have to be artistically gifted. Simply select a motif or pattern on the Internet and print on a piece of paper as large as possible. Now cut it out and your template is done. For larger objects you can also go to a print shop and have the motif printed in A3 or A2. Then glue the stencil to the cabinet with double-sided tape (with little adhesion) and paint it. Make sure that you use only a little color so that the paint does not run out.
  • What is generally important when designing?

Clean surface

It is important that glue, paint and varnish are generally poor on dirty and greasy surfaces. Therefore, it is essential that you clean the cabinet properly before designing. Not only is it enough to wipe it over with a dust rag but you should clean it thoroughly with warm water and a little detergent. Allow the cabinet to dry well before further processing!


If the surface of the cabinet has unevenness, you should also remove it before decorating. If you simply glue them over, the irregularities will still be visible. It's also relatively easy to remove bumps or paint bumps: just sand off with some sandpaper. If the color of your cabinet peels off, it makes sense to sand it off completely.

The right materials

When selecting the adhesive or paints, make sure they are solvent-free. Solvents give off vapors that are harmful to your health. This is harmless for furniture in the open air, but if you sleep with the furniture in a room, should be largely dispensed with toxic substances.

Allow to dry

Be sure to observe the drying times indicated on the products you are using. Wait a little longer than too short. After all, you do not want to have the newly applied paint on your things, right? Dekor Decorating a mirror

If your cabinet has a mirror, you can also decorate it.

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