How to find a competent consultant for wall paints

Granted, an expert article on the Internet does not yet replace personal advice, but it is quite close to it. Often it is much more than a rough guide that can be found on the net, but who also has more questions and would like to address this to an expert, turns off the computer first of all.

Here you will find an individual consultation in the field of wall paints

The best starting point is certainly the next master painter, because hardly anyone knows so well with wall paints like him. That's why the house painter is one of the favorites when it comes to getting important information. He knows ...

  • ... which colors are suitable for outside or inside.
  • ... which wall paint suits which substrate.
  • ... which types of color have a particularly high ecological value.
  • ... which wall color ensures a healthy room climate.
  • ... which colors are suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • ... which shades match well - and which not.
  • ... how the individual wall paints work best.

But this color consultation is of course not completely unselfish, the master craftsman is dependent on orders and would like to prepare in return, of course, your walls and delete. If you prefer to lend a hand, there is another option.

Consult your paint manufacturer or dealer

You will also receive expert advice from the corresponding specialist dealers and paint manufacturers. Normally you can reach the customer service of the manufacturer companies by phone, but of course we do not recommend any foreign products to you.

The specialist retailer is less subjective and offers a wide range of wall colors from different brands. Whether you get a similar good advice on wall paint in the hardware store, is quite questionable, since there are less specialized staff hired.

The right color for your walls

If it's not about materials, but about shades, the interior designer or interior designer is the right person to contact. Of course, if you use him as a color consultant, it will cost you a fee.

Tips & Tricks Let's go back to the Internet here: In the digital space, you can find out about color psychology and even consult an interactive color designer for free.
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